18 Month Recap

I last wrote about waiting on God’s plan, which was the best thing I could have done; I’m still discovering the benefits and blessings that came out of the journey of the past 18 months.
To start, August 2015, Janie and I take positions at a Christian camp and retreat center in East Texas. We bought and lived in a 5th wheel trailer in a small RV park. The camp was a very tough work environment but I learned and grew a lot in my leadership ability. While out there, my wife and I grew closer together and our relationship got stronger.

Earlier this year, Janie and I found out we were going to have a baby.
It was very exciting. Ultimately our baby boy, Jackson, was born into Heaven after 4 hours on earth due to MCDK (MultiCystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease). Through this difficult time, Janie and I continued to grow closer and our relationship and reliance on Jesus became more prominent.

With Jackson’s birth, we decided we wanted to move back to the Fort Worth area. So we resigned our positions in East Texas and moved back home with my parents temporarily. I’m working a contract job as a Police Technology Specialist at a former employer and Janie is working at a fitness center.