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I have had A LOT of jobs and learned A LOT leading up to a career in aviation. Here is a condensed timeline of my professional background pre-aviation:


My technology skills led to my first job at the age of 16. I was hired by an engineering firm, that my next door neighbor was an engineer for, to be a file clerk. Two weeks into the job, my technology skills were noticed by the network administrator and I began assisting him with desktop support.


After about a year of working at the engineering firm, I was ready for something different and went to be a package handler at UPS. Which then led to a job as a shipping associate for an aerospace/industrial supply company. I worked a few other jobs, including: security officer at both Six Flags Over Texas and Texas Rangers Baseball Club; contract IT work; and substitute teacher for a school district.


I began looking for something more. I became the media assistant for Pathway Church (formerly St. Matthew CP Church). I did everything from graphic design, layout and printing of worship guides and newsletters, videography and editing, and assisted a volunteer with desktop support and server administration. Best part of this job was meeting my wife (I worked for her Mom)!


Ready to start a long term career that would allow me to support myself and a future spouse, I went to Dallas PD to become a police officer. I loved the training academy, especially the physical training. I was in great shape by the time I got my badge. I had a lot of fun on the job and enjoyed working with my fellow officers. Only struggle, which led to my resignation, was my difficulty in keeping work at work. I let the job change me at home and that wasn’t going to be good for long term with my relationship with my wife.


Upon leaving the police department, I worked as a seasonal ride mechanic at Six Flags Over Texas. I have always loved roller coasters and getting to work on them was just as awesome. ¬†Unfortunately, the seasonal position ended and they didn’t have a full-time spot for me to fill. ¬†Fortunately, I was hired by a friend to work as a service advisor at his car repair shop and salvage yard. While there I helped organize the front office, redid the website, and helped update the brand.


After a few months, I received a Facebook message from a member of Pathway Church that I knew of my technical skills from working there. The message was about a position at Arlington PD as a Police Technology Specialist and the hiring manager was also a member of Pathway Church. For two years I was involved with several big  projects, worked at Super Bowl 45, maintained police dash cams, and implemented and maintained new computers in the police vehicles.


After working with Panasonic during an equipment change in the police vehicles, I was recruited to be a Toughbook Field Engineer. This was big jump in compensation and job experience, but proved to not be the career path I wanted to take.


I made a change and went to work at Fellowship Church as a Production Manager at a campus. I had volunteered in production for several years and had a good working knowledge of all the equipment, procedures, and people. I enjoy working with production technology, but quickly realized the ancillary aspects of being a FC Production Manager burned me out. The fun wore off and it became a job, eventually leading to a lot of stress, burnout, and my resignation.


I have since been working contract jobs. I have done several stage/lighting changes and implemented a lighting console at Pathway Church. I also helped with a project to image all documents in a county clerk’s office. I have helped build some cornhole boards and been working on developing a stock market analytic system.


I worked at a camp and retreat center with my wife. I was the manager over all the programs and activities, leading a staff of 2 full-time employees and over 40 part-time employes. After that, I did some contract technology work for Arlington Police Department.


I started working at GreenFox Marketing company managing social media advertising, doing a little video editing, and helping come up with awesome marketing ideas. I also started working at StoneWater Church, where I had volunteered as a Lighting Designer. I became the Production Lead and Producer, leading a team of volunteers every Sunday or special event, for our audio, video, and lights.