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Facebook post by Eric Wilkins for GreenFox Marketing jobIn March 2017, I replied to a Facebook post, by Eric Wilkins, looking to hire somebody with video skills. I sarcastically commented, “I can have video skills…with enough YouTube tutorials”. A little over a year later, today was my last official day as Director of Digital Media for GreenFox Marketing. While I am still working at the Production Lead at StoneWater church, this is the beginning of the end of my career in technology. As of July 9th, I will start flight training full-time to pursue my dream of being a professional pilot.

GreenFox Marketing LogoAfter my sarcastic comment to Eric, he and I had lunch to discuss GreenFox and the opportunity with the company. After hearing Eric’s story, of how GreenFox got started only 6 months earlier, I was hooked. Over the past year, I learned how to do some video editing; learned the ins and outs of social media advertising; strategize marketing campaigns; met a lot of cool people; and saw a small marketing company explode. Late last year, GreenFox acquired a local design company. GreenFox grew to over a dozen staff, moved to a new bigger office (twice), owns and publishes several magazines, and has become the dominate strategic marketing partner for Granbury surrounding communities. I am proud of my time at GreenFox and very excited for the continued trajectory of the team.

Accelerated Flight School

On July 9th, I will begin flight training at an accelerated flight school. This school provides an opportunity for career changers, like myself, to start making money as a pilot as quickly as possible. Over the course of 9 months, I will goto school full-time to acquire several pilot certificates, including: Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial Single Engine, Commercial Multi-Engine, Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument and Multi-Engine. I will then be a flight instructor, helping other aspiring aviators pursue their dream of flying, while working towards the 1500 flight hours needed to goto the airlines.

I don’t start school for a couple of months, but there is a lot to do, and be done, before starting. Currently, I am studying to take a total of six knowledge tests. Though not required to complete the tests before starting school, it is beneficial to knock them out early–allowing for more time to study flying and preparing for check rides while in the program.